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I am trying to send SMS messages using SNS. I've tried to send the messages using the AWS SDK and the AWS Console. I did receive it once via the sample code provided at I've gotten production access now but I am unable to receive any messages. Have tried sending it to multiple different numbers but they are not being received. The delivery status logs show the messages were delivered but they haven't. The phone numbers are able to receive SMS messages otherwise. I am trying to send these messages to numbers globally but primarily in India. The numbers tested for are all indian phone numbers.

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I have used a CLI instead of AWS SDK, It is simple to use CLI here are the Command.

aws sns publish \ --message "Hello world!" \ --phone-number +1-555-555-0100

I understand that you got production access from AWS but still you are not able to send SMS to the mobile numbers ,


  • The destination mobile number or carrier blocking the messages [you send you can see successful logs ]
  • You can get free US number from app and use that number for your testting
  • You can check account **Spending Limit ** increase the number because the default is 1 USD

If all above points are good for you still you have issues, You can open support ticket in AWS they will help you.

I will try to help you as best...!

Thank You GK

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answered 2 years ago

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