Unauthenticated MQTT devices to communicate with IoT Core though Greengrass and MQTT Bridge


I am looking to deploy an Greengrass IoT Core device with a MQTT bridge to send messages to the IoT core as an aggregation point. I can find many examples where the remote Things are authenticated with certificates but i would like to use unauthenticated MQTT devices to send in on specific topics.

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Hi. You can bring your own MQTT broker: https://catalog.us-east-1.prod.workshops.aws/workshops/5ecc2416-f956-4273-b729-d0d30556013f/en-US/chapter6-mqtt-broker/20-step1 . But I suggest you re-consider your plan to use unauthenticated devices. Although Mosquitto can be configured without authentication, it's still recommended: https://mosquitto.org/documentation/authentication-methods/

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answered 16 days ago

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