How to set up a DID on Service Cloud Voice (SCV) with Amazon


Hi there,

I'm a integrator and I trying to port a phone number from France to AWS Voice. We created a ticket to AWS support few weeks age, but considering the timeline to port officially the phone, I was suggested to use a did to limit impact on planning. I wonder if someone can explain me how to add or link a Did into AWS and how to handle the migration of the rel phone number when the portage will be effective

Thank you

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I'm not familiar with SCV, but I have to imagine the purchasing of dialed numbers is very similar. You do it in the instance and select the country you wish to have and then see available numbers. Now, what I assume AWS support is talking about regarding planning impact is this:

  1. Buy a DID, this will never be published and will be your temporary number.
  2. Forward your production number, the one in the process of porting, to go to your new AWS DID.
  3. Finish the porting process and you'll then be able to get rid of the ID from step 1.


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answered 10 months ago

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