Amazon IVS Latency 15 seconds on iOS web?


The expected IVS latency on is ultra-low (2-5seconds), but according to, "If IDR/Keyframe is 2 seconds, stream-start latency will be approximately 9-12 seconds. ", How can we reach to ultra-low 2-5 seconds by using IVS? or I may misunderstand latency measurement.

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There are 2 different latency parameters that may be causing confusion; stream-start latency and viewing latency. If the encoding source to IVS is using a IDR/KeyFrame of 2 secs, the channel stream-start latency will be in the 9-12sec range. This means live streaming and capturing the stream will take that long to become active.

Once the IVS channel starts, if they player has incorporated the IVS Player SDK, then viewing latency (source-to-playing device) can achieve the 2-5s value. If the IVS Player SDK is not used, generic players will experience a longer viewing latency.

Also, there is an IVS Mobile SDK for incorporation into mobile streaming apps that deliver to IVS. There are both IOS and Android Mobile SDK components.

answered 3 months ago

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