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My RDS has S3_INTEGRATION in option group, still I am receiving below error when I try to download files in RDS Data_Pump_dir.

The DB instance doesn't have credentials to access the specified Amazon S3 bucket.To grant access, add the S3_INTEGRATION role to the DB instance.


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Hi there,

Enabling the new S3 Integration feature involves two actions against your RDS Oracle instance:

  1. attach an IAM role containing a policy that allows access to your S3 bucket(s), and
  2. add the S3_INTEGRATION option to your option group.

If you have only added the S3_INTEGRATION option, you will still need to create an IAM policy with S3 access privileges, create an IAM role that includes the policy, and then add the IAM role to your RDS instance. Instructions for doing this using the AWS console or CLI can be found in the "Prerequisites for Amazon RDS Oracle Integration with Amazon S3" section of the RDS user guide.


Hope that helps. Thanks!

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We are using an RDS Oracle instance in GovCloud.

The existing roles are Service-Linked Roles.

According to the documentation on the following page, AWS creates the service-linked role for you when you create a DB instance and RDS does not allow you to edit the service-linked role.

So, I was able to create the IAM policy as described earlier in this thread, but cannot attach that policy to the existing role. How is this supposed to be done with a service-linked role?


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