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does RDS Maintenance update operating system reboots the RDS instance?



i can't find information about whether does RDS instance reboot when applying the Maintenance update operating system? can someone let me know?

i find about this question is the RDS unavailable or offline, but is important for me to know if RDS will rebooted or not.

2 Answers


It depends on what type of maintenance action it is. There are few OS maintenance operation which doesn't requires downtime and the patch will be applied online without rebooting the instance.

Reboot will be there only when there is an offline patch applied. AWS communicates to the customer via email and PHD dashboard if there are any maintenance activity scheduled and the impact of that maintenance activity.

answered a month ago

I have a pending O/S update in my RDS for MySQL instance but PHD doesn't show it, nor if a failover will be needed.

answered 13 days ago

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