Need a Solutions Architect's Opinion for Gamelift implementation.


Hello, I am new to game development, but a 15 year software development vet and I've built an entire gameplay system for backend services for my game. I've decided that I'll run one server per map in my game. I have 3 maps total, so 3 initial servers that each hold 1 player on each map (150 players for all 3 servers). These are limits of Unreal Engine, around 50ish players per server and one server per map.

That being said, I'd love it if Gamelift was capable of taking my UE5 dedicated server container files for linux or windows (whichever is preferred) and communicating with my node.js/express api I could spin up a 50 person server at will that stayed on when at least one player was connected, and turned off when no players were connected.

As the game grew, I would add dedicated servers and hopefully be able to add them to my express api so that i can query available servers and meta information about them and spin up or connect to them from the api.

I'm sure this is a common solution, but I'm at a loss on what services to start with. My main concern is that once a player buys a land plot (one of the 150 player spaces on the 3 maps) that data is persisted and not lost when a server shuts down. Probably a dedicated IP required? I'd be utilizing my own authentication, messaging and gameplay systems, so I'd only need to have an admin access account that could query gamelift from my api to get server information, spin up, or shutdown server instances. Let me know if there is an appropriate path to take with Gamelift, I'd highly appreciate it.

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You'll need to save the data to a database, that way it persists across new servers. Please see for an example.

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