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I am trying to install open edX (Tutor) on AWS EKS by this guide. I already have a DNS zone that is defined in Cloudflare and I want to use it for external access to the new services.

Did anyone implement such a solution or can point me to documentation?



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You can see that alb-ingress-controller is installed in the guide. And you will create Ingress resource in the Step 5.

Now wait till an external address gets assigned to ingress.extensions/web, this will be a DNS name for the ALB. You may also head on to the LoadBalancer section in EC2 service of AWS console to view this. Now make two CNAME entries in the Record Set for your domain

You will get a DNS name for the ALB. Then, you can create a CNAME record on your Cloudflare account.

  • -> ${ALB-DNS-NAME}

And you should configure * to redirect to Check Cloudflare Tutorial! :)

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answered a year ago

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