How to connect MySQL database in nodeJS file.


I have an AWS Lightsail account designed to service a MySQL database given HTTP "QueryData" parameters. I have it mostly working but I am having difficulty connecting my MySQL database via my node JavaScript code. In the AWS documentation I find all kinds of info on how to connect my MySQL to a MySQL client [e.g. MySQL Workplace] but nothing on how to not use a client and make the connection in my JavaScript code.

Presently I am doing the following :
// Connect to MySQL AWS Lishtsail 'MySQL' database...
const vpsDB = mysql.createConnection(
{ host : 'ls', [i.e. my MySQL Endpoint]
port : '3306',
user : 'dbmasteruser',
password : 'My custom password',
database : 'jFormTK-MySQL'
} );

vpsDB.connect(function(err) {
if(!err) {
console.log("Database is connected ...");
} else {
console.log("Error connecting database ..."

The above yields the following 'err' :
Error connecting database ...
Error: ER_BAD_DB_ERROR: Unknown database 'jFormTK-MySQL'

Can you please point me to where this is documented OR suggest where I have gone wrong.

Using Google I found minimal hits that did not help.
That effort made me think my problem was the 'Host' ordered pair where some shown code used an IP address. I tried using MySQL static IP address but got an error from the 'node' command.

Another suggestion made me think my Security Setting was the culprit but I think LightSail manages that setting for me and have no idea how to control that???

Sorry for the long query but I'm stumped as to what to try next.


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Hey Jim,

I'm using the npm mysql-node ( to connect on RDS instance, but I'm not informing my database, because they are separated in Schemas.

// My MySQL Config Object
host: '<URL to my RDS instance without protocol http or https>',
port: port,
user: user,
password: 'passowrd'

Another thing is to try to confirm the database name, the lower and upper cases maybe.

answered 4 years ago

I am now using LightSail and am successfully using MySQL in my VPS instance.

Jim Crowell

answered 4 years ago

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