Question regarding Lightsail/Plesk and snapshots


Hello, I am going through the process of upgrading one of my LightSail instances. In order to do this I created a snapshot from the original then created a new instance.

However I noticed something strange, and maybe my lack of knowledge in AWS is to blame.

I cannot gain access to plesk in the new instance I created from the snapshot. Plesk is asking for a username/pw yet the original did not have one set up. I only gained access to the original instance by using the following command: sudo plesk login | grep -v internal:8. I would then use the url provided and it gave me access, no need for username/pw.

Yet on this new instance (which I assume should be a straight copy) is forcing a username/pw, as well as sending me to the ip address of the old instance.

How do I gain access to the plesk on my new instance? Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated, as of right now I have no way of accessing plesk for the new instance.

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