Nil `quota.value` returned from GetServiceQuota for service code `elasticloadbalancing` and quota code `L-E9E9831D`



I am trying to get the service quota for Classic Load Balancers using the SDK for Go. When I attempt to retrieve it using the service code elasticloadbalancing and the quota code L-E9E9831D, I get a proper and normal response with every value filled out except the actual quota value. This is nil, and I have no idea why. If I use the CLI to get the service quota for these exact same service and quota codes, I get the quota value on the account. But in the SDK, I get a nil value.

Any ideas? Is this a bug?

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Based on my research, I have found that this behaviour is observed for quotas that are not adjustable, when using GetServiceQuota. You need to use GetAWSDefaultServiceQuota instead. If this does not work either, try to see if this is observed on other languages as well.

I can confirm that this is an unexpected behaviour seen with SDK, and a known issue I've come across before where it works properly with CLI only. On a side note, although a rare possibility - I would suggest to see if there is perhaps anything wrong with the code as well. Because, if it works with the CLI it means that there is no issue with the API call being made.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks for the reply, I will try out GetAWSDefaultServiceQuota -- but I will say that we are not using the default quota for Classic Load Balancers. I have checked the code several times and have gotten others on my team to check it but it seems to be correct.

    I will also try out other languages to see if it exists in those SDKs. Thanks for your reply, Shreyas.

  • Hey Shreyas, I checked and it seems that L-E9E9831D is adjustable in the console. Do you know when the bug for the AWS GO SDK will be addressed? We need a way to fetch the "Applied quota value" using the SDK. Thanks

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