Not able to connect ssh which i have created vm from the existing AMI


I am not able to connect ssh to the newly created vm using existing AMI backup and also tried creating vm by taking AMI backup from the running vm too. Either way i am unable to connect. Network and security group is all fine. I am pretty badly needed to run another instance of running vm by referring existing AMI or creating anything new AMI.

Please help me to fix this : Instance-ID:i-0dea1177b03bc9c5d AMI: ami-0e69a19245c9c3248 ami-0c95fb1ecf1c439f1


  • fyi, i am able create and connect with new vm on the same subnet and security group without any problem. But that is not working from existing AMI backup. No idea what is wrong with the IMAGE and how to fix it. Please help me to correct if anything i need to change. Please let me know we you need console log.

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Does the EC2 instance have a public IP address? If you are trying to connect from the AWS console using EC2 instance connect and it doesn't have a public IP address you won't be able to connect to it. If there is no public IP address you should use AWS Session Manager which works without it, and make sure the instance role has the policy AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore attached to it.

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Hi hayao-k and kdambiec, Sorry for the delay in responding and Thanks for the suggestion and that will truly helps in someway for sure. Funny thing and it was legacy vm from 2012, someone has hard coded local IP in SSH Listen config and that is carry forwarded it in the image. That was the mistake and it is fixed now. Thanks for the help and support :)

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Are you using password authentication?
Instances created from the AMI will automatically disable password authentication.
To work around this, set password authentication to yes in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.

ssh_pwauth: 1
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