When will Ubuntu 24.04 LTS be available for Lightsail instances?


Approximately one month ago, Canonical released the latest LTS version of Ubuntu. Does anybody know how long I can expect to wait for the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS image to become available for Lightsail instances?

Even an estimation (e.g. compared to when 22.04 became available on Lightsail) would help: I have to recreate my instance from scratch and I'm trying to decide whether I should wait for the new image to drop (if the wait is in the order of a few weeks) or if I should just use 22.04 and migrate (again) when 24.04 becomes available.

Thanks for any insight

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The release schedule for new Ubuntu LTS images on Amazon Lightsail can vary. Historically, there has been a lag of a few months between the official release of an Ubuntu LTS version by Canonical and its availability on Lightsail. For example, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS was released in April 2022, and it became available on Lightsail around June or July 2022.

Based on this pattern, you might expect Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, which was released in April 2024, to become available on Lightsail around June or July 2024. However, this is just an estimation and the actual availability could vary.

If you need to set up your instance soon and can't wait, you could start with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and plan for a migration when the 24.04 LTS image becomes available. Alternatively, keep an eye on updates from AWS and Canonical for any announcements regarding the new image availability.

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