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/SES - suppression lists (don't send bounce emails)/

SES - suppression lists (don't send bounce emails)


I use an SES + SNS account to send emails to my client. I've started using the "Account Level Suppression List" for some customer emails that are being bounced. I have SNS topic set to send all bounces to a support email.

But in that configuration I have not found an option to filter and not send bounce emails that are in the suppression list at the Account level. Is there any way of doing this?

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Maybe I don't fully understand your question but just wondering why you need to explicitly not send bounce emails? We at - Discounted Cash Flow and WACC simply just ignore if the emails bounce.

answered 2 months ago
  • The problem is that although an email is already within the "Account Level Suppression List" our support email continues to receive the email from that bounced email.

    I really think that if we already decided to put you on the "Account Level Suppression List" there is no point in getting the email. That is what we want to avoid.

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