How to list users or endpoints in Pinpoint?


I'm setting up a new Pinpoint application for sending push notifications. I know there are two endpoints registered because I ran my app on two devices and I'm able to send them notifications if I either use the debugger to see the value of the device token, or set up a campaign that sends to all.

I'm looking for a screen or a command I can use to list all of the registered endpoints and/or tokens, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, which is confusing, as I'm sure it must exist. How do I get such a list?


  • I appreciate the response. However, I find no such option on that menu.

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2 Answers

Open the Amazon Pinpoint console. On the All projects page, choose the project that you want to view endpoints for. In the navigation pane, under Analytics, choose Endpoints. This page displays a list of the endpoints that are associated with your application. The Endpoint ID and Device token are associated with each endpoint. When sending a direct message, you need to specify one or more endpoint IDs.

answered a year ago
  • There is no "Endpoints" choice on this menu.

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