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/Force New Task Definition Revision to run/

Force New Task Definition Revision to run


I have updated several task definitions and for the life of me I cannot get the latest revisions to run. We are using the AWS code management system, e.g. Code Deploy, Code Commit, etc. Wondering if there is a preferred way to get task definition to run the latest revision. I have tried stopping the service and updating with "Force new Deployment" checked and so far no dice. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

1 Answers

Not very clear what is done on the Code family side or what is the expected workflow, but from ECS perspective, have you update / ensure your task definition with the desired image and also your service has been updated with the correct task definition version?

answered 23 days ago
  • Task definition is updated, no new image, just updated health check within the definition. So we are running blue/green and deploy from changes in the code base. I want to run the latest revision of all of our tasks as all of them now have a health check defined. Another question how do I stop older revisions from running as well, it seems I have 2 tasks running for a few services, all running the newest revision, how do I remove the old task that's running the older revision?

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