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Game leaderboard


I am trying to create a leaderboard server and currently have a Dynamo db table with id , score and timestamp field. I want to sort all the players position based on score and time. Also want to query a single players position. I want the queries to be fast.( trying to avoid scan operation). What are my options to achieve this?

I am aware of AWS GameSparks but unfortunately its in preview.

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While DynamoDB can implement a leader-board, it would not be my first service of choice. Elasticache for Redis would provide more features to implement the leader-board more effectively while also providing lower latency reads. More info in this blog:

Build a real-time gaming leaderboard with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis.

Should you still wish to proceed with DynamoDB then there are also some blog posts which you may find useful:

How to Build a Real-Time Gaming Leaderboard with Amazon DynamoDB and Rockset

Amazon DynamoDB: Gaming use cases and design patterns

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answered a month ago
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Have you seen this page in the documentation ( - it uses a leaderboard implementation as an example so will hopefully help.



answered a month ago
  • Hey thanks for your comment, I have seen this documentation however I am not sure this would satisfy my circumstances as I need all player positions. Please feel free to share if you think this is possible.

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