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Amazon SES Black List Problem



I was using Amazon SES without any problem. However it start to cause spam problem. I have checked and seen that the IP address of the Amazon SES is classified in a blacklist by My bulletins don't reach out to Gmail. Could you help me to fix the problem, please? Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for your reply.

Sorry, but I don't agree. Because I tested with an alternative service and e-mails started to go to the inbox. This issue is regarding the e-mail service provider. In this case, Amazon SES!

answered a month ago


Please see the FAQ for DNS Blackhole Lists in relation to SES. It states the DNSBLs such as SORBS and UCEPROTECT should not affect delivery to providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail.

Q4. Can Amazon SES have its IP addresses removed from a DNSBL?

We actively monitor DNSBLs that could impact delivery across the entire Amazon SES service, or that could impact the ability to send email to recipients who use major email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail. The DNSBLs offered by Spamhaus fall into this category. When one of our IP addresses appears on a list that meets either of these criteria, we take immediate action to have that address removed from the DNSBL as quickly as possible.

We don't monitor DNSBLs that are unlikely to impact delivery across the entire Amazon SES service, or that don't have a measurable impact on delivery to major email providers. The DNSBLs offered by SORBS and UCEPROTECT fall into this category. Because of the specific listing and delisting practices of the vendors who operate these lists, we are unable to have our IP addresses removed from these lists.

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answered a month ago

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