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/MySQL binary Logging must use ROW format error/

MySQL binary Logging must use ROW format error


I'm trying for first time to use DMS to migrate and keep in sync a database while I migrate our site to aws but I keep getting :

Last Error Failed in resolving configuration. Task error notification received from subtask 0, thread 0 [reptask/replicationtask.c:2859] [1020418] Error Code [10002] : MySQL binary Logging must use ROW format; Errors in MySQL server binary logging configuration. Follow all prerequisites for 'MySQL as a source in DMS' from or'MySQL as a target in DMS' from ; Failed while preparing stream component 'st_0_ZJFFAMOOBGXIX26POQR3LG6TVKDJFXFVACA4QCQ'.; Cannot initialize subtask; Stream component 'st_0_ZJFFAMOOBGXIX26POQR3LG6TVKDJFXFVACA4QCQ' terminated [reptask/replicationtask.c:2866] [1020418] Stop Reason FATAL_ERROR Error Level FATAL

I did follow all steps and source database it's already in ROW format

1 Answers

I was missing some stuff

answered a year ago

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