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Starting and Stopping of Windows ECS instance causes issues with ECS-Agent


Hi ,
I have an ECS cluster which has "EnableTaskIAMRole" enabled while launching windows instance.

When i launch a container for the first time it uses task execution role and runs the containers smoothly, but when i stop&start/reboot/restart the instance and try to launch the container it gives "Unable to retrieve credentials" .
I deployed .Net application in windows Container which uses IAM role to reach out to AWS Secret Manager , but once i restart the instance and re-deploy container it returns the error before stopping .

I have to run the below command in powershell to make it work again(Reinitialize ECSAgent) Initialize-ECSAgent -Cluster 'WorkerContainers' -EnableTaskIAMRole -Version latest

It's really confusing why it works only when i reinitialize the agent, I researched a lot but not able to resolve the issue.Please help me.

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1 Answer

I resolved the issue by launching new instance with updated AMI Windows_Server-2019-English-Full-ECS_Optimized-2020.04.16 (ami-0a91e15865acb2904) .

answered 2 years ago

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