SAP Bank Analyzer 9.0 support on AWS


Is SAP Bank Analyzer 9.0 with Smart AFI supported on AWS? If so, is it OLAP or OLTP and if OLAP, does it support scale-out architecture on HANA?

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Scale-out is now supported on AWS, and SAP has published a paper on this available here:

Some highlights from the paper:

*AWS has been continually releasing purpose-built infrastructure for SAP HANA, first with the X1 high-memory platform in mid-2016 based on a 4-socket Intel E7 architecture fully virtualized and capable of delivering 2-TB SAP HANA databases to customers in under an hour. In 2017, AWS extended this innovation by releasing to the market X1e, a fully virtualized 4-TB platform certified for SAP HANA workloads. This highly agile and performant platform allowed our two teams to innovate and validate this new scale-out approach for SAP Accounting for Financial Instruments.

“Comprehensive tests were performed jointly with SAP and AWS engineers in early 2018 at SAP headquarters in Walldorf. The following data points describe the scenario: a total of 276 million current accounts with daily postings of 128 million business transactions (payments) across 51 million accounts. We have processed a complete fiscal year, totaling to 37 billion transactions in SDL, resulting in more than 100 billion subledger documents to be managed at year end ‒ a number not possible before (we boldly go where no one has gone before)

“Solution performance is outstanding and reliable. We archived the best throughputs ever measured for our scenarios. Integration into AWS with a scale-out configuration requires only minimal effort.” … “OLTP workload increases linearly with input data, while OLAP workload remains stable. The solution reacts robustly to increased data volumes.”

“We could show today that it would be feasible to target even the biggest market players.”*

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