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FROM Email Address - Sender Name



Is there a way to set the sender name for any emails when choosing the FROM email address in the message customizations panel or via the API? e.g. ACME Company where is the SES verified email.

Otherwise it appears as whatever is before the @ (for the above example would just be 'no-reply') which doesn't look good in someone's inbox and frankly a bit unprofessional.

Also: doesn't seem AWS quite cares about Cognito, this is from personal experience and looking at issues on the Amplify Github and this forum. There are issues, some quite simple, that have been open for YEARS and not a single AWS rep to be seen after the first couple of replies. Please prove me wrong, a lot of Cognito is already working fine, why not go all the way with it?


1 Answer

We recently added the capability to specify the sender name. You can also refer to the documentation

answered 3 years ago

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