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I was thinking about knowledge base and I wanted to ask whether the knowledge base gets auto updated if I make changes in s3 source folder of knowledge base. Like if I add new document in folder does the knowledge base update this new data..!? If yes does it recalculate the unchanged documents..!?

It would be great help if you could help me with this. Thanks and Regards.

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Even if you add a file to the data source, it will not be updated automatically, so you will need to synchronize using the steps in the document below.
Currently, if you want to automate it, you need to use Lambda to periodically run the start_ingestion_job() API, or use an S3 event trigger to configure Lambda to run when a file is uploaded to S3. I think it will be.
Additionally, the synchronization is incremental, so changes from the previous synchronization are incorporated.

Each time you add, modify, or remove files from the S3 bucket for a data source, you must sync the data source so that it is re-indexed to the knowledge base. Syncing is incremental, so Amazon Bedrock only processes the objects in your S3 bucket that have been added, modified, or deleted since the last sync. Before you begin ingestion, check that your data source fulfills the following conditions:

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