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API Gateway Private Integration with multiple NLB listeners


A customer wants to use API Gateway Private integration to access applications running on EC2 instances. The private integration required a Network Load Balancer in front of the EC2 instances.

They have ~100 of such applications. To save costs, can they share the NLB with multiple API Gateway Resources and Methods?


/app1 on the APIGW will send traffic to listener1(port 80) on the NLB
/app2 on the APIGW will send traffic to listener2(port 8000) on the NLB

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Yes, you can do that. Your NLB can have multiple target groups for different applications, each with its own listener. On the API Gateway side, you can configure a VPCLink integration type and specify something like for the Endpoint URL. There are obviously limits on NLB in terms of the number of listeners, but as long as you are within those, you should be able to save some money by using the same NLB for multiple applications.

answered 3 years ago

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