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SES Email identity not verifying after verifying the Domain identity


First, I have verified the domain identity called with DKIM authenticity and sign length (RSA_2048_BIT) in the Mumbai region. Then I raised a support case for production access to SE by remove from the out of the sandbox. The support team helped us to give production access

Then, I move forward to verify the Email identity called Email identity verification is getting failed with the error "Unverified - To verify this email address, open the verification email from and select the verification link"

Why do I need to verify by mail inbox ? I have verified my main domain

1 Answers

Hello, There could be multiple reasons for email verification failures. It is difficult to troubleshoot without sharing more specific details. I recommend you follow this troubleshooting guide first:

If the problem persists, please open a support case with AWS Support. This way, you can securely share information about the domain and problem details.

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answered 16 days ago

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