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can I prevent Client VPN from setting the hostname on the client machine?


We're using the AWS Client VPN service and the AWS-provided desktop client for macOS to connect work-from-home users to a VPC.

When users connect to the client VPN endpoint, we see the client is assigned a private DNS name like "ip-private-ipv4-address.region.compute.internal". This seems consistent with the VPC documentation

However, we find "hostname" on the client is also reset to that private DNS name when the VPN client is connected.

It's fine if the AWS service wants to assign another DNS name that resolves to a private IP address. However, we want the client machine to retain the hostname we've configured for it even when connected to the VPN. How do I prevent the desktop client from doing this?

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While the AWS ClientVPN server(s) pushes a hostname along with an IP as part of its DHCP, should not take precedence over the hostname you set in OSX. It likely means that end-users local DHCP server is either not pushing a hostname or a local hostname is not set permanently. Try setting the hostname on the MAC permanently using "sudo scutil --set "HostName" before connecting to the ClientVPN.


answered a year ago

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