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i want to create to schemas under dev db schema1 and schema2

Create 2 user: user1 and user 2

i want solution for below scenario. user1 should have access to only schema1 and user2 should have access to only schema2.

both the user should be able to perform all the opration under assigned schema.

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2 Answers

As an administrator you first create the two users: user1 and user2

Then you create the schemas with authorization for each user respectively, example create schema schema1 authorization user1;

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answered a year ago

Below statements will do what you are looking for:

create schema schema1;
create user user1;
grant usage on schema schema1 to user1;
grant select on all tables in schema schema1 to user1;

create schema schema2;
create user user2;
grant usage on schema schema2 to user2;
grant select on all tables in schema schema2 to user2;
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