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Is there any plan to support X-Ray subsegment creation for all AWS PHP SDK Calls?

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Hey! We know that there is a lot of customer interest for PHP but we haven't been able to prioritize work on it yet.

However, the X-Ray team has been working hard to make the OpenTelemetry tracing project compatible with the AWS X-Ray service. OpenTelemetry is a feature-rich open source project that does many of the things that the X-Ray SDKs do.

In fact, OpenTelemetry PHP has already began work to provide the IdsGenerator and Propagator needed to make OpenTelemetry traces that are compatible with X-Ray.

If you are interested in using OpenTelemetry as an alternative and want to seee the project prioritized, you can open an issue on the AWS OTel Community repository to engage the developers working on OpenTelemetry. You can also follow or contribute to the OpenTelemetry PHP contrib repository itself.

PHP support will most likely come to OpenTelemetry before it comes as a new X-Ray SDK.

answered a year ago
  • Sorry for the delayed answer but I had to work on other stuffs before implement this. I've followed this suggestion and used OTEL to propagate php traces to xray but I didn't reach my goal.

    What I need to do is to trace all AWS SDK Calls, for example when I call SNS, SQS, EventBridge, etc through aws sdk for php. That sdk doesn't allow me to add the trace header, neither OTEL trace these calls (at least as I did in my implementation).

    Is there a solution that I can implement to check request/response to aws services done from aws php sdk? (I do it with other languages already, for example nodejs)

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