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/Support for t4g instances?/

Support for t4g instances?


Looks like OpsWorks doesn't yet support t4g instances (introduced Sep 2020); is this on the road map?

asked a year ago11 views
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Hi @ericjain

you are correct, currently Graviton instances are not supported in Stacks. We apologize for the long hiatus and lack of updates on the future of OpsWorks Stacks, and would like to confirm that the service is actively maintained and will evolve going forward. Support for all Graviton instances and other new instance types is on our 2021 roadmap, where we aim to resolve the most common feature requests for OpsWorks Stacks. We will update with more details over the coming months.

Best, Jan

answered a year ago

Any developments you can share? It has been five months since your post.
Specifically, any projection on when t4g instances will be available for OpsWorks Stacks?
Any news on when we can use a newer version of Chef?

- Miles

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answered a year ago

Hi mileslane, both support for Graviton instances and newer Chef versions are on the roadmap and we're actively working on these. We can't promise a date but are working to deliver a big update for Stacks customers around the end of 2021. We will share more within the next couple of months!

answered a year ago

Hello Jan,

Is there any chance that the updates will be released with some granularity, or will all the changes come out at once? For example, could t4g instance support come out earlier than the updated Chef support? Also, is there any ETA on any of these updates?
All the best.

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answered 8 months ago

Hi Jan,

any update on those big updates you were talking about in this post. We are few people waiting this for a long time now. Your previous messages made us waiting but this cannot continue like that. We need an update on when a release will happen.

Regards Quentin

answered 2 months ago

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