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No Workspaces access with Ipad client



I could not connect to my Workspace using the Ipad client. I always get this message :

"We were unable to establish a connection to the authentication server. Please ensure you can connect to the Internet and try logging in again."

The network check tool (inside the Ipad Workspace client) is OK (all the 6 checks are "green").

iOS clients are allowed in the directory, i've no IP Access Control Groups.

My Ipad is directly connected to the Internet (no proxy, no VPN, using standrd DNS ...).

I've no problem using this WorkSpace with the Windows PC Client and with my browser.

Any idea ?


asked 9 months ago148 views
3 Answers

Can you access same workspaces from your laptop ? Also check if the iOS devices is allowed in the security settings.

answered 9 months ago

Check the directory details for your WorkSpaces. In the directory details under the "Access Control Options" section ensure that you have iOS checked under "Other Platforms." If this is not checked you would not be able to access your WorkSpace from an iOS device.

answered 9 months ago

I recently encountered a situation that might explain what you’re seeing. There are two different connection protocols available for workspaces, PCoIP and WSL. To work with iOS devices, your WorkSpace bundle needs to be one that is created with PCoIP, not WSL. I had a WSL WorkSpace, and trying to connect to it with the iPad client gave me, frustratingly, the exact error described in the original post, which when you search AWS troubleshooting guides you will think it’s either access control or some problem with your directory. Fortunately for me, my WorkSpace just exists to run Excel for some finance homework, so it was trivial for me to delete it and create a new one using PCoIP to connect.

answered 7 months ago

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