Inbound restriction for security group for Amazon FSx for Lustre?


The Amazon FSx for Lustre console invites developers to open TCP ports 988, 1021-1023: " The VPC Security Groups associated with your file system’s network interfaces must allow inbound Lustre traffic (TCP ports 988, 1021-1023)"

Shall this be open to the world? Is there a way to restrict source? Or is there already a mechanism in place to verify that this "inbound Lustre traffic" coming to the FS is legit?

Is this inbound Lustre traffic user traffic on the FS (eg a SageMaker training instance) ? or is it used for some backend admin or S3-FS communication?

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The inbound traffic requirements are for the file system's network interfaces, so they apply for the communication between the file system and the client compute instances from which you're mounting and accessing the file system (not for any back-end communication behind the file system.

Re: restricting the source, as is standard with Security Groups, you can limit the source of the inbound rules to only the restricted sources you want to allow (based on CIDR blocks, Security Groups, Prefix Lists).

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