How to stop EC2 instance?


Could you please tell me, how I can stop a running EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instance? My bill tells that it is running, but I cannot even see it anywhere else. I've checked that I am using the correct region:

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Go ahead and check out EC2 Global View which allows you to see EC2 Instances across all regions.

To use Amazon EC2 Global View

Open the Amazon EC2 Global View console at

The console consists of two tabs:

  • Region explorer—This tab includes the following sections:
  • Resource summary—Provides a high-level overview of your resources across all Regions.

You're going to want to use Global Search—This tab enables you to search for specific resources or specific resource types across a single Region or across multiple Regions. It also enables you to view details for a specific resource.

To search for resources, enter the search criteria in the field preceding the grid. You can search by Region, by resource type, and by the tags assigned to resources.

To view the details for a specific resource, select it in the grid. You can also choose the resource ID of a resource to open it in its respective console. For example, choose an instance ID to open the instance in the Amazon EC2 console, or choose a subnet ID to open the subnet in the Amazon VPC console.

Once you've tracked it down, Select the instance, and choose Actions, Instance State, Terminate. Choose Yes, Terminate when prompted for confirmation.

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  • Thank you, it helped (I hope). I've deleted something that seems like the problem instance. It will be more clear later :)

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