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/Pushing Deployment to device provisioning a second time/

Pushing Deployment to device provisioning a second time


Here is my issue. I have fleet provisioning working good, and I have a deployment that goes to the devices in the group associated with the fleet provisioning. Everything is working fine.

When I reset a device, it goes to the provisioning steps again, create a new key/certificate and reconnect to the things with the same name. Great, this way no shadow information is lost.

The problem is, after provisioning again, the deployment is not pushed to the re-provisioned device, as if decision to deploy was made based on info on the cloud rather than the local device. How can I make sure that the deployment is pushed to a re-provisioned device?


  • Is the deployment associated with the fleet provisioning group using any variables or substitutions in the deployment document?

  • Yes indeed, fleet provisioning with the thing name using variable substitution.

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Unfortunately, IoT job for thing group deployment will not trigger again if that deployment revision for same thing name is executed before. To trigger an thing group deployment on a re-provisioned device, you will need to either 1) revise the deployment or 2) use a different thing name.

If you have a use case in which you need to re-provision devices at scale but unable to revise the deployment, we would love to hear more about it and see what we can do to improve the experience.

answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you for your answer.

    As for a use case, think of an event organiser that would have to reset its devices for every event. I am aware that there would be ways around that.

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