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Unable to delete my Elastic Beanstalk environment


I can't delete one of my environments because it says "Unable to look up root device name for image 'ami-xxx'". I probably accidentally deleted the AMI while the environment was still spinning up. Now I can't even go into the environment. Is there a way someone from support can delete the environment for me?

asked 3 years ago110 views
2 Answers

Can someone from support please look over my request? I would like to delete the environment, but I can't. Thanks.

answered 3 years ago

I figured it out on my own. I just ran the following commands in PowerShell for AWS:

To get the EnvironmentId:
Get-EBEnvironment | Where EnvironmentName -like "Your environment" | Select EnvironmentId

To terminate the environment:
Stop-EBEnvironment -EnvironmentId xxxx

answered 3 years ago

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