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Use PostgreSQL LIKE % wildcards with RDS Data API?


I'm using RDS Aurora Serverless with PostgreSQL compatibility. I'm trying to write a query that uses the PostgreSQL LIKE clause with percentage signs as wildcard operators. This is what I'm using right now:

SELECT * FROM products WHERE name LIKE '%:productName%'

and the productName gets passed into the RDS Data API through a stringValue field parameter (since it comes from user input).

{ name: 'productName', value: { stringValue: variableFromUserInput } }

This doesn't seem to be working since my query always succeeds but returns no results. Is this use case supported with the RDS Data API and am I using this correctly?

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Accepted Answer

A parameter inside the quoted value like that doesn't look right. I haven't used this API... but I have used many analogous ones.

Try a test like this:

SELECT * FROM products WHERE name LIKE '%' || :productName || '%'

That's a more typical way to reference your parameter.

answered 9 months ago
  • Worked like a charm! It also inspired me to try adding the %s to the parameter itself which also works { stringValue: '%' + variableFromUserInput + '%'}

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