Is it possible to get the *receiving* rule limits raised?


I run an email forwarding service (
I'm investigating the feasibility of building a feature to allow users to "bring their own domain".
It seems like this should work fine with SES, except there are limits on total number of rules and total number of recipients (see

With the currently limits on rules and recipients, Kopi could support up to about 10,000 subscriber domains.

10K domains will be plenty for a while, I don't expect that many people will actually want to bring their own domain (I reckon most people who'd want this would just go ahead and do their own forwarding), so I'm going to go ahead prototyping the feature. But I need to check if these limits are "soft limits", like the sending limits that can be raised on request; or "hard limits", where no increase is possible.

So my question: "Is it possible to get the SES receiving rule limits raised?"

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I understand you want to know about the possibility of limit increase for the number of incoming rules per receipt rule set and also the number of recipients per receipt rule in Amazon SES service. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

With regards to the limit, unfortunately these limits are a hard limit and cannot be increased at the moment. There is currently a feature request in place, however I have no details on the completion. If the SES team decides to add this as a new feature, they might post information on our What's New with AWS Blog, I've provided links below-

  1. Latest releases by AWS >>

As a work around for now, you can follow any of the below solutions:

  1. As SES is available in 3 regions, you can span up multiple accounts and have the other rules configured for those accounts. Or you could utilise SES for all the available regions effectively giving you 300 rules(100 rules per region).
  2. In the meantime, if you are going to receive emails for correspondence on a regular base through Amazon SES, you may consider to use Amazon WorkMail instead which is a secure, managed business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile email client applications. You can find more information through Amazon WorkMail FAQ and how to start with Amazon WorkMail in the links shared below:
    Amazon WorkMail FAQs
    What Is Amazon WorkMail?

Thank you!

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