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AWS Integration with On-Prem Active Directory


I am very new to AWS Cloud and my ask is:

  • to use federation for all types of AWS Access
  • No local accounts will be created in AWS
  • All accounts and permissions must be created and managed through on-prem Active Directory

Is there any document that explains the process and best practices to achieve this?

I have a landing zone with multiple accounts, what are the best practices to create permissions sets, and accounts and map them with AD Groups?

1 Answers

You can refer below articles and video tutorials.

  1. Extend your on-premises AD to the AWS Cloud - Doc
  2. How to Connect Your On-Premises Active Directory to AWS Using AD Connector - Blog , What is AD Connector ? Refer here
  3. How can I authenticate On-Premise AD Users access to AWS Management Console? Video
  4. How to Setup AWS Single Sign On for Your On-Premise Active Directory Users Video

Hope this helps, please comment if you don't find any specific info.

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answered 25 days ago
  • I followed the instructions in step 2 but still don't see EC2 in On-prem AD.

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