Removing Domain Verification Record after verification in SES



A customer is asking about whether is it possible to remove the TXT record from their domain once the domain verification process for SES has finished.

They mention an [answer from the AWS Forums][1] indicating that they shouldn't. If so, they'd like to know what's the technical reason for it.

Thanks! [1]:

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They shouldn't remove the TXT record as the process of having the domain verified runs periodically. Unfortunately, they should keep the TXT record all the time.

The reason is basically that AWS need to know that customer is still owner of the domain.

In this public documentation: We state:

"Amazon SES periodically reviews domain verification status, and revokes verification in cases where it is no longer valid. If Amazon SES is unable to detect the TXT record information required to confirm ownership of a domain, you will receive an Amazon SES Domain Verification REVOCATION WARNING email from Amazon SES."

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