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/Seeding of a Elasticache cluster in another account in another region/

Seeding of a Elasticache cluster in another account in another region


Giving an example : Let's say I am in AWS region A , in AWS Account AA & have a Elasticache cluster ECA. And I export the backup of ECA to S3 bucket SBA. Now in another region B, if I have an account AB and Elasticache ECB, would ECB be able to read from SBA (s3 bucket of first account )?

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If I understand your question, you want to provide access from account AB into the S3 bucket of account AA, correct? You can follow this guide to set up cross account S3 access: . If you have done this already, and these instructions are not solving your problem, please provide more details, error messages, and such.

answered 2 days ago
  • Thank you Byron. I have exported a ElastiCache cluster backup (backupEC.rdb file) to S3-bucket-in-AccA . I have then added bucket policy for useraccB as principal for this bucket S3-bucket-in-AccA. Now I login to AccB as useraccB and try to seed a ElastiCache cluster with backupEC.rdb file. But my Elastic cluster is not getting created. I am not seeing any error messages except Create_Failed in ElastiCache console. So more than account access, I am trying to ask if ElastiCache cluster in an account can be seeded from a backup in another Account assuming we have right policies attached for the user to S3 bucket. Hope it clarifies a bit more.

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