Is there any workaround to imaging an encrypted workspace?


So I am new to AWS workspaces and I thought I was following security best practices by encrypting both the workspace volumes. However, the hope was that the work that went into configuring the workspace could be reutilized for imaging and other employees. I now realized that encrypted volumes cannot be imaged and I was hoping that someone might a solution or a work around? Is it possible to unencrypt the volumes? Could I migrate such an image to another service such as EC2 as a work around? II suspect that there is no solution and I will have to re-do the configuration in a non-encrypted volume, however I wanted to ask here, before I spend several more hours re-doing the work.
Also it seems that this feature might be supported in the future. If so, does anyone know of any timeline of that possibility? Thank you for your time, Mz

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Short answer - no, to create a custom image you must start with an unencrypted WorkSpace. Longer answer -

There are no workarounds for this, you must start with an unencrypted WorkSpace. Custom Images are not interchangeable with EC2 AMIs.

answered 2 months ago
  • It seems that the application migration service might be a solution where you can install an agent on your computer to migrate it to EC2. Since the OS in Amazon Workspaces is actually based on Windows Server, this might be a possibility that I might try however not sure it will work with licensing etc... and in the end it might take me longer to experiment and get this working than to just start from scratch - but certainly a feasible path from what I can tell on surface level.

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