Route 53 name server collisions


Let's say I create a Hosted Zone in Route 53 for after purchasing that domain name through the Route 53 registrar service within my account, which we will call Account 1.

AWS will assign a set of four authoritative name servers for Let's say that one of them is

Now let's say that someone else, within an account we will call Account 2, an account that does not own, creates a Hosted Zone in Route 53 for (even though they do not own that domain name).

AWS will assign a set of four name servers in Account 2 for Let's say that by coincidence one of them happens to be

Is this scenario possible? Does AWS re-use the name servers assigned to hosted zones?

If this scenario is possible, what would happen if a DNS query arrived at for, if additionally Account 1 (the one that owns had created an A record for pointing to, and Account 2 (which uses the same name server but does not own had created an A record for pointing to

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Every time anyone creates a hosted zone for a given domain name, such as, Route 53 assigns a unique set of four name servers to that hosted zone. This is true regardless of which account creates yet another hosted zone, so there will never be a conflict.

On a side note, there are only so many unique combinations of Route 53 name servers, which explains why you can no longer create a hosted zone named maximum possible number of unique combinations of name servers for hosted zones have already been assigned.


answered 4 years ago

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