AWS Gamelift Realtime Client SDK (C#) download location missing?


I am following along the developer documentation to integrate my Unity project with my gamelift services and can't seem to find the proper Realtime Client SDK download location.

The instructions to connect the game to the Realtime servers can be found [here] ( but upon following the trail I end up back at the getting started page.

I've tried to download all of the unity plugins and different versions of the server sdks in an attempt to find it but can't seem to find it.

I also tried to use the AWSSDK.Gamelift.dll to but am still unable to implement the process described in the documentation.

There are a few blog posts about setting up gamelift in unity and utilizing the SDK that show a clear download button for the Realtime Client SDK on an older version of the AWS Gamelift site.

Can anyone provide some insight?

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After countless hours of searching, I managed to find the download by checking

A previous version just 6 months earlier had the download link as:

Before building, I had to update the dependencies for log4net and google.protobuf but after that everything worked as expected!

Hope this helps someone!

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