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I wanted to take the backup of my whole dashboard and send it via email. is there a way to achieve this

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Hi, it would be great to understand whether the previous answers correspond to your question or if we didn't understand your question.

As the title of your post mentions "snapshot" and this term can also designate an image, I wonder whether what you meant is you're looking for a way to generate a picture representing your dashboard at a given point in time? If that's the case, there's no API to export a whole dashboard, you can export a specific widget though with

answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks for your answer @Jsc. You understood my requirement properly.


I did not understand about backups, but it is possible to share the dashboard via email. [1]

[1] Sharing CloudWatch dashboards - Amazon CloudWatch

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answered 2 months ago
  • Do you mean a backup of the dashboard configuration, or a backup of the metrics in the dashboard?

  • Thanks @mn87 for answering. But my requirement is to take image of the dashboard and email the image


If you click Actions > View/edit source, it will give you the JSON code which you can email. Also works as a good backup in a version control system.

answered 2 months ago

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