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Hi there,

I upload on a regular basis static websites on S3 buckets. I have a new website where this upload is very very very slow: it can take up to 1 hour to upload a ~30MB bundle of 1500 to 2000 files, mainly .js (i.e. no large image or video). The upload first indicates a correct speed and ~2min remaining, then it just slows and seems very lost in the estimated remaining time :) It does not happen on other projects, the bucket in the same region (eu-west-3), I activated the Transfer acceleration without any substantial difference and I tried from 3 different networks.

Any idea ?! Thanks

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This could be a Client config, see "max_concurrent_requests" in The SDK will have similar configuration options, like

Hope this helped!


answered 9 months ago
  • Hi Carl, thanks for your answer. I am actually not using any CLI or sdk, I just move the files from my computer into the bucket through the browser (Chrome). I haven’t tried using another brother tho, I’ll edit this post if this makes a difference !

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