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/Connecting DMS to our local source endpoint/

Connecting DMS to our local source endpoint


I'm sure the answer to this is trivial. We have an on premise source Oracle 11 DB that I'd like to migrate to RDS Aurora. I can convert the schema without a problem using SCT. But to move the data it seems that I need a DMS instance. That requires that I create a source endpoint for my Oracle instance. But given that we don't have direct connect, how will the DMS service ever see my OnPremise Oracle source which is located in our private network?

2 Answers

Please take a look at the AWS documentation "Setting up a network for a replication instance" -

These two sections talk about how you can connect your on-prem database to the DMS instance

  1. Configuration for a network to a VPC using AWS Direct Connect or a VPN

  2. Configuration for a network to a VPC using the internet

answered 24 days ago

You can use use Client VPN

Make sure the local firewall are open for the dms replication to all allow connections.

answered 12 days ago

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