How to correctly grant roles with redshift serverless?


Using AWS documentation for granting roles on Redshift Serverless ( - it says I should run this command to grant a role:

grant "sys:operator" to "IAM:<correct IAM user name here>";

This command always results in this error.

ERROR: syntax error at or near ""sys:monitor"" Position: 7 [ErrorId: 1-6372a5f7-38f7a17f6443bdfc4f6b348f]

What am I missing? Is the documentation incorrect?

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Accepted Answer

Yes, the documentation needs to be updated.

Please use this command:

grant role "sys:operator" to "IAM:<correct IAM user name here>";

I'll request that the page is updated.

answered 2 years ago
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reviewed 2 years ago
  • Appreciate it!

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