Does the AWS SDK for Java have models for FlexMatch notifications


FlexMatch sends various notifications described here. I have a service getting these messages via SQS polling. The event payloads in the messages are serialized to JSON. Are there models defined for these events in the Java AWS SDK 2.0? I sure cannot find them.

Are you supposed to roll your own models to deserialize and work with these events?

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Please note that you can invoke the following FlexMatch API using Java SDK v2.

For example, the following are the Java SDK v2 reference for AcceptMatch API call.

Example of Java SDK V2 for AcceptMatch

However, In order deserialize and work with the events emitted by Flexmatch, you should build your own communication model for your Java client and Game server. The GameLift inherently does not support the same. Please refer to the following repost thread for more details.

Having said that, in case you face further challenges, please feel free to open a support case with AWS using the following link as this will allow us to provide you resource specific guidance and dive deep into the same.

answered a month ago
  • Thanks - yeah I found the API client stuff in the SDK, thanks. And I can create my own Java models for the notifications coming back out via SNS. Just hoping that I wouldn't have to do that work.

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