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Are EC2 instances scoped at AZ level or regional levle? If it is at EZ level where can I change my the AZ to an EC2? (I am aware that an existing instance can not be moved to a different AZ.) But I was unable to find a section where I can set the AZ to a new EC2 instance during deployment.

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EC2 instances are launched (so: created) and linked to subnets which are themselves assigned to an AZ. This is also true of EC2-attached services such as EBS and network interfaces (ENI). So during deployment you choose the subnet which selects the AZ for you.

For those reading along: You can't move an EC2 instance to a new AZ because it is (as you say) "scoped" to the AZ where it was originally launched. You can create a snapshot of the instance; create an AMI from that snapshot and then launch the AMI in another AZ - noting that it will then have new EBS volumes and a new ENI.

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U can set the AZ to a new EC2 instance during deployment by selecting the VPC and Subnet in which AZ you want to launch the instance.

you should have subnets created in multiple Availability Zones, so that while creating EC2 instance you select the subnet according to your AZ which u want your EC2 instance to be placed.

EC2 instance will be placed in particular AZ based on the subnet u select.

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