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How to associate Web ACL rule to EB/ALB on creation?


I created a Web ACL rule that allows traffic to two exact URI paths and blocks everything else. I am able to manually associate it to my Application Load Balancer, but when I terminate my Elastic Beanstalk environment (which the Application Load Balancer is a part of) and recreate the Elastic Beanstalk environment the rule is not associated with the new Application Load Balancer that is created.

Is there a way to configure it so that my Web ACL rule is associated with the Application Load Balancer with the Elastic Beanstalk environment is created?

1 Answers

This sounds like a good fit for Firewall Manager: - it does require that you are using AWS Organizations and AWS Config, but it is possible to enable these even if you only have a single account. Firewall Manager can automatically associate a WAF WebACL with newly created resources.

answered 2 months ago

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