Strategic Consolidation of Multiple Landing zones and Networks into a Unified Architecture


What is the optimal strategy for consolidating multiple master accounts, each with a unique landing zone and associated VPCs linked to separate Transit Gateways, into a unified landing zone where all VPCs are connected to a single Transit Gateway?

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Currently its not possible to have multiple control tower accounts under one org, there can be only one of in the management account. I would take below steps:

  1. So if you are looking for unifying all accounts under one management, you can either create a new Control tower account or promote one of the existing account.
  2. enroll your existing accounts -
  3. decommission unused management account -

Next part of unifying Networking - This will be little tricky if you have production workload running. see this - Also have a look at AWS IPAM for managing your VPC and IPs-


answered a month ago

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